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Rock Testing Instruments

Constant Pressure System Core Cutting and Grinding Machine Rock Cutting Machine (Lab Type)
Core Drilling Machine (Electrical Operated) Core Drilling Machine (Gasoline Engine Operated) Rock Bolt Pull Out Test
Point Load Index Tester: (Hand Operated) Point Load Index Tester: (Electrical Operated) Polishing and Lapping Machine
Slake Durability Apparatus Brazilian Test Apparatus Pavement Core Cutting Machine
Rock Toughness Tester Flat Jack Outfit Triaxial Testing Of Rocks

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Rock Bolt Pull Out Test
These are used to measure the working and ultimate capacities of rock bolt anchors. Further, our products comprises of a central hole jack, hand pump with load gauge, directional control valve and only for central hole jacks above the capacity of 500kN, flexible pipes, truss high tensile test rod with coupling. Moreover, the load cell can be used for the measuring of pull out load and arrangement is provided for fixing dial gauge for estimating deflection against the load. In addition to this, we provide different size of adopters with the high tensile test rod.
Meets:- BS- 11309, ASTM D-4435

Point Load Index Tester: (Hand Operated)
Point Load Strength Index of rock cores and irregular lumps, which may be tested without any treatment. The Point Load Test is primarily an Index Test for strength classification of rock materials. This instrument is mainly intended for field measurements on rock specimen, but it can also be used in the laboratory.
Meets: - IS: 8764 -1978

Point Load Index Tester: (Electrical Operated)
Same as MI.RO-1007 but the it has both Hand operated as well electrical operated

Polishing and Lapping Machine
  • Compact table model
  • 20 cm dia Top and Adopter to hold polishing cloth or paste
  • Sample Holders to accommodate upto NX size Cores
  • Continuous water feed arrangement during operation
This bench mounted, single spindle lapping machine is ideally suited for the final polishing of mounted rock or concrete specimens. Two sample holders of sample size ordered for are provided with each machine as standard supply. Sample holders of other sizes can also be provided on request. This is a motor driven unit with 450/500 rpm. A swing-in tap, for continuous water supply during operation, is also provided. This unit is operated by a single phase, 230 V, AC motor.

Slake Durability Apparatus
The apparatus consists of a motor on baseboard capable of driving two or four drums at a speed of 20 rpm. A suitable number of plastic water troughs, each designed to contain a test drum with quick release drive assemblies, permit 1 to 4 drums to be driven at one time. The test drums are supported on water lubricated bearings allowing 40 mm unobstructed clearances below the drum and a trough water level 20 mm below the axis of the drum. Drums are made of brass and comprise 2 mm wire mesh cylinders of 140 mm dia and 100 mm length.
Meets:- IS: 10050-1981
Extra Electrical Timer, 0-30 min Features

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