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Rock Testing Instruments

Constant Pressure System Core Cutting and Grinding Machine Rock Cutting Machine (Lab Type)
Core Drilling Machine (Electrical Operated) Core Drilling Machine (Gasoline Engine Operated) Rock Bolt Pull Out Test
Point Load Index Tester: (Hand Operated) Point Load Index Tester: (Electrical Operated) Polishing and Lapping Machine
Slake Durability Apparatus Brazilian Test Apparatus Pavement Core Cutting Machine
Rock Toughness Tester Flat Jack Outfit Triaxial Testing Of Rocks

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Brazilian Test Apparatus
The instrument is designed to test specimens from 50 mm dia to 100 mm dia having thickness equal to half the diameter. A pair of loading jaws, designed so as to contact a disc shaped sample at diametrically opposed surfaces over an arc of contact of about 10 degrees at failure, is supplied. The set of jaws supplied with the equipment is designed for 50 mm dia specimen and therefore it is essential to order jaws for respective sizes, if other diameter samples are to be tested. A set of plain platens are provided with the jack which enable testing of cube and circular specimens up to 50 mm size for compressive strength.
Meets:- IS: 10082
The outfit consists of
  • Loading Frame, fitted with hand operated Hydraulic Loading Jack of 200 KN capacity provided with self-retracting Piston, pair of Plane Platens
  • Pair of Semi-Circular Jaws, for 50 mm dia samples
  • Load Gauge, 0 - 200 kN x 2 kN capacity, provided with maximum Load Indicator
Optional Extras
  • Pair of Jaws, for 60 mm dia samples
  • Pair of Jaws, for 70 mm dia samples
  • Pair of Jaws, for 80 mm dia samples
  • Pair of Jaws, for 90 mm dia samples
  • Pair of Jaws, for 100 mm dia samples

Pavement Core Cutting Machine
It is widely used for cutting the pavement. The machine is fitted with a cutter of 16?/14? dia. and has an arrangement to adjust the height of the cutter with the help of a wheel on the upper side. It has a coolant arrangement in the form of a water tank. The machine is duly fitted with belt guard and cutter guard. The machine is driven by 5 H.P. Crompton Greaves diesel engine. The machine is duly fitted with rubber tyers which makes it easy to shift the machine

Rock Toughness Tester
It is a kind of impact machine which is widely used for testing the toughness of Rock and has the following features:-
  • The machine is built on a solid flat M.S. plate form
  • The machine has a cast iron holding device (anvil) weighing 50Kg. fixed upon a solid foundation.
  • The machine is fitted with a striking hammer weighing 2 Kg. arranged to fall freely between guides.
  • The machine is fitted with a plunger made of hardened steel and weighing 1Kg. and is duly arranged to slide freely in a vertical direction in a sleeve, the lower end of the plunger, the lower end of plunger being spherical in shape with a radius of 1 cm.
  • The machine is fitted with the mechanism for raising the hammer and for dropping it upon the plunger from any specified height from 1cm. to not less than 75cm. and means for determining the height of the fall to approximately 1mm.
  • The machine is fitted with device to hold the cylindrical test specimen securely in the anvil, without rigid lateral support, and under the plunger in such a way that the centre of its upper surface shall throughout the test be tangential to the spherical end of the plunger at its lower point.
  • Suitable operation on 220 volts, single phase, A.C. supply.

Flat Jack Outfit
The equipment comprises the following
  • Flat Jack 30 cm x 30 cm 1 No.
  • Hydraulic Pump, hand operated, with 15 cm dial Pressure Gauge of 70 kg/cm2 capacity with flexible Pressure Pipe of 1 meter length 1 No.
  • Deformeter consisting of a Dial Gauge having 10 mm travel and 0.002 mm least count, and two interchangeable Stems for 150 mm and 250 mm gauge length 1 Set
  • Standard Bar 1 No.
  • Reference Pins 6 Nos.
Note: Flat Jacks of other different capacities also be manufactured on request

Triaxial Testing Of Rocks
Triaxial Testing System
The strength, of most rocks, increases considerably with increase of confining pressure. The design engineer needs to carry out triaxial tests at a range of confining pressures, in order to determine the strength at the required confining pressure. To suit individual requirements, a wide range of instruments listed below is offered.
Triaxial Cells
These cells are designed to withstand a lateral pressure of 150 bar (150 kg/cm2). Four no-volume change valves are fitted to the base for measurement of pore pressure, top drainage, and bottom drainage and for entry/exit of cell pressure. The cell is nickel-plated and completely rustproof, hardened and ground pedestals and top loading pads with suitable cantering arrangements for different sample sizes are provided. The lower pedestals are provided with radial grooves. The top-loading pad is provided with spherical seating. Two port holes are provided to observe the sample during the assembly stage.
  • Triaxial Cell, for testing of samples of 35 mm and 50 mm dia
  • Triaxial Cell, for testing samples of 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, AX, BX and NX sizes

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